Feel Better, Heal Faster: Live Well Centre

To Assist & Empower Everyone to be Happy, Healthy & Well For LIFE! 
ChiroWorks Family & Sports Clinic has been established to provide effective genuine health care without the long waiting times of hospitals, side effects of medications, risks of surgery, and scary sales pitches you may have come across.
We offer solutions for most musculoskeletal complaints ranging from the common headaches, muscle aches, and neck or back pains, through to more complicated conditions like arthritis, degeneration, scoliosis, disc injuries (slipped disc), nerve impingement, ligament and muscle tears and dizziness.
We Specalise in three areas:
1. Family Health – Helping everyone of any age. From babies with colic and reflux, to children and adults with common injuries, aches and joint pains, and the elderly for arthritis, pain, loss of mobility, and difficulty doing daily activities.
2. Sports Chiro – For healing and recovery of sports injuries, to the hands, feet, legs, arms, neck and back. We provide treatment for pain relief, and get your body healing properly, to minimize relapse. Strengthening exercises are then prescribed to get you up to fitness for playing again.
3. Corporate Wellness – Providing talks, workshops, demonstrations and training to help companies lower staff MC’s, minimise common aches, and pains in the neck, shoulders, back, headaches and migraines. Corporate tie ups are created, allowing special corporate rates and benefits.

Do you suffer from nagging aches and pains? Have you tried other treatments without any luck?

Call us now, so we can help you Feel Better, Heal Faster, so you can get back to ENJOYING LIFE!

+Dr Gary Tho