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Dr Gary Tho, Chiropractor Singapore

Dr Gary Tho, Chiropractor Singapore

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Dr Gary Tho is a passionate Chiropractic Doctor from Australia. He is the owner and founder of Chiro Works Family & Sports Clinic located in Orchard, Singapore.
As a child, Dr Gary saw first hand how chiropractic changed people’s lives. Since then, he has graduated from the renowned Chiropractic School of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, to share the gift of chiropractic with the world.
With his passion to attract, heal and positively influence the lives of people in his community Dr. Tho is dedicated to offering exceptional health care and educating residents of Singapore on health and wellness.
Dr Gary has over 6 years clinical experience helping people of all ages, from babies through to the elderly. He continues to work with people of all backgrounds, including corporate professionals, students, professional & social athletes, laborers, and even the the fruit and vegetable and fish stall owner at the local market.
He been speaking and conducting trainings, workshops and workplace assessments for 5 years for organizations and companies. Some of his clients include local Singaporean SME’s (IP Mirror), Real estate (C&H Properties), Developers (Far East Organization, Walton), Technology (Tosbiba, IBM), Financial (JP Morgan Chase), Logistics (Richland) and Governments (MCYS, NLB, British High Commission).
Dr Gary has been live on radio (938live) and TV (Channel 7 breakfast show, Malaysia). He also writes articles, and has been featured, and interviewed in a variety of media articles (Straits Times, Mind your body, Her World magazine, Kozine magazine, Jetstar magazine, K!Now magazine, Simply Her magazine, Ezy Health and Beauty magazine).
Dr. Gary enjoys running, yoga, playing badminton, beach volleyball, and frisbee! His other hobbies also include singing, playing guitar, dancing salsa, traveling, scuba diving and inline skating.

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