Check out Dr Gary’s New Website

Check out Dr Gary’s new website.

With more Free downloads, articles, and updates on amazing health happenings in Singapore and SEA.

Also pick up a copy of his new book, The Pain-Free Desk Warrior, Free Yourself from aches and pains!


About the book:

3 booksDo you spend hours at your desk a day, tolerating aches and pains? Resigned to the fact “it’s just a normal part of life”?

Chiropractor and performance expert Dr Gary Tho confronts the biggest myths surrounding pain and provides a step-by-step approach to living a pain-free life.

Over the 8 years of his career in helping people overcome pain and perform at their best, he found that 70% of professionals live with pain – and it’s perpetuated by pop culture misconceptions and an overall lack of knowledge about the real and practical steps that can be taken to feel good every day.

In the quick transition to desk jobs and a technology-focused life, Dr Gary shows how many are oblivious to the factors that create aches and pains, and ultimately, failing health. Broken down with precision and clarity, Dr Gary gives us a new way to think about pain — as well as the tools with which we can unlock our own health and vibrancy.

Addressing everything from time management to posture, The pain free desk warrior is a comprehensive, easy-to-use manual for getting rid aches and pains and feeling better than you ever thought possible.


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