Change your shoes!


How often do Indonesians replace their shoes? – that was the question on my mind as I traveled to Chiropractic Works, Family Sports and Wellness  clinic on the MRT (train) this morning.

I’ll be asking my Indonesian friends this shortly! Though, this got me thinking…

I recall a patient asking me about which running shoes to buy. She had bad knee injury and back pain. I’d already assessed her, scanned her feet with the 3D foot and body view scanner, and checked her gait. We had also just ordered a pair of intense athletic custom-made orthotics (insoles ). I told her the criteria for what to look for in a shoe. Some of these included cushioning at the front and back, wide toe box, straight last, a sole with minimal height difference between the toe end and heel end of the shoe.


She got excited and said “it sounds like the pair I bought 3 years ago and rarely used. I’ll find them! ”

My reply:

Change your shoes!

It’s important. Rubber fatigues, regardless whether you’re using it or not. It will fatigue faster if you do wear it. The cushioning and support you expect will not be there and lead to poor movement and weight bearing, excessive and incorrect loading of the joints which simply means pain and injury.

That’s worse than a 3 year old shoe that’s not been worn, is if it was bought on sale (and heavily discounted!)

Heavily discounted shoes can be a season or two… or three old. Shoes have a shelf life. Like batteries, leave them on a shelf for two years and they are not nearly as good, nor as lasting as fresh ones.

So do yourself and your body a huge favor and toss those old shoes. Be nice, and get a new pair.

Be like the Indonesians (apparently) and athletes who know they wear out a shoe in a few months. Change them. You can stay in these fashion trends and your feet, knees, back and body will thank you for it.

Alternatively, keep trying those shoes, and come by our chiropractic clinic in Orchard Rd Singapore, for treatment of your sports injuries, back pain, knee pain and ankle sprain.

If you need advice on shoes and whether you’d require and benefit from custom made insoles, drop us a call on 6733  4439 or book online at or message us on facebook

+Dr Gary Tho


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