Mums (and dads) are Awesome!

A quick note to ALL MUMs out there, thank you for being you! Without you, we all wouldn’t be here. I hope I can express the gratitude all children have for you.


+Dr Gary Tho


A Parents Love.
I thought I love my parents.
I believed I have loved them my whole life.
A lot.
Maybe I did.

But as I gain more years of life experience, I realize what love is.

I’m introduced to sacrifice.
I see true care.
I watch bonds grow. Relationships flourish.
My heart warms at the sight of proud parents with bright smiles.

I’m discovering a new definition of capability.
Which involves a combination of Juggling, sorting, organizing, ordering, cooking, teaching, cleaning, helping, and hopefully sleeping too!
All done with only our interest at heart.
From the bottom of their heart.

So no matter what life events come and go, there’s always one constant.

A parents love.
So I am learning, how much I really do love them.
Mum and dad, I love, cherish, appreciate and admire you.
Thank you.


+Dr Gary Tho




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