Muvman and Locus Seat

As more and more people realise sitting is becoming a pain in the neck and a pain in the buttocks / back. Prolonged sitting is fast becoming the major reason for investing incidence in neck and shoulder aches, and back pain. As I conduct an increasing number of corporate trainings and workshops, it’s apparent everyone wants to know what the best sitting position is. We want to know how to set up our desk and workstation. Which chair to buy? Do back supports really work? And which one is good?

Finally, questions are arising about standing workstations. Standing workstations are becoming more popular. I was asked about these two chairs: Muvman and Locus Seat. As I’ve only seen and used the Muvman, a brief search and read found some great information on the Locus Seat.

The benefits of the locus seat, as I see it from a quick glance, is the sitting angle – though you can create similar angles with muvman. You lean on locus seat almost completely, so technically it should be less straining, compared with muvman. – which you are possibly slightly more seated (not a bad thing) so your legs would be bent though I’m sure your could stay seated and straighten them too. For both you can lean, and you can move – shift weight to further or closer, side to side. The reason these are a great option its that they encourage better sitting angles, helps keep your spine upright and keep the natural curves and finally allows movement and keeps you sitting actively.

So which is better? They are very comparable. The muvman takes up less floor space, and the only other deciding factor is design: so it’s your call.

+Dr Gary Tho

The Locus Seat – image from


Keep your spine aligned effortlessly

The Muvman – image from


Muvman helps maintain good sitting posture


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