It’s all about Function!

It’s all about Function!

+Dr Gary Tho

I conducted a seminar about this years ago! I thought the world was ready. But it was ahead of its time.

Now is the time. There’s a shift in consciousness. An awareness of Wellness. Of improved performance. Of maximizing potential. Of reducing stress.  Sports coaches, and CEO’s get it. Athletes want it. Chiropractors deliver it.

What is “it”?


Proper function. Maximal performance, with minimal stress.

Everyday people are becoming more aware of their health and learning better practices. But more and more people are starting to feel pain. Recent research in Singapore showed that almost 2 in 3 people suffered from aches and pains in the last 3 months. The most common being neck and shoulder pain, while back pain came a close second.

Trouble walking for a while? Sitting causes pain? Stopped exercise because of pain? Panadol doesn’t seem effective anymore? Pain when carrying things? Hard to walk down stairs? Muscles feel weak and unsteady?

These common complaints come with common questions:

1. “Why do I get this pain?”

2. “Why does it come back?”

3. “Can it be fixed, cured?”

The answer for these questions is “How do you function?”

What is function? Function is to do something- an activity, either voluntary or expected in a proper, particular way. Dys-function or poor function means the subject can’t do the required activity well, or does is incorrectly. Optimal function is when the subject is working efficiently, effectively and at its peak.

Perform At your Best. At Work, School, Sport, & at Home with chiropractic care.

Perform At your Best. At Work, School, Sport, & at Home with chiropractic care.


We all want optimal function, so the next question is “How?”

Body dysfunction causes lots of problems, from headaches and knee pain, to dizziness and gastric.

To become Pain free, and get rid of migraines, back pain, neck pain, dizziness, gastric or even irregular menses, we need to increase the body’s natural healing power. We need to boost our capacity to cope, and lower the stress and strain on our body. We need to find and correct:

– Dysfunctional muscle contraction patterns

– Dysfunctional joint movement

– Dysfunctional bone alignment

– Excessive strain on ligaments

– Nerve interference

Should we correct the problems above, we have unleashed our body’s maximal potential towards optional function, and optimal health.

Do you feel your performance lacking? Tired easily? Hard to walk up stairs? Can’t squat? Sitting at the computer gives you a stiff neck, pain or headaches? Ask Dr Gary how you can increase your energy levels, concentration and ability to cope with stress AND decrease pain and other symptoms. Send him an email or call +65 67334439.


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