Quality Celery Sticks (aka Health Care)

I’d like to send out a huge THANK YOU to the outspoken auntie that not only helped choose my celery today, but gave me insight and answers.

The story:

I’m walking through the veggie section of the supermarket when I was stopped abruptly by a lady speaking loudly in mandarin, whilst pointing at my bunch of celery. All I could understand was that “this is not good”….. “green”….. “no good for you”…. “don’t buy”…..

This lasted a long one minute, and stopped everyone within a 10 metre radius! She then walked off quickly and continued her shopping as if nothing happened. I went back to the celery section, still getting odd looks from people!

“It must not be green enough” I thought, so I dug into the pile for greener stems. Within a few seconds, the lady reappeared, and said in broken English “Yellow color no good. Need green” and she dug in, in search of the greenest bunch. Although most were really more yellow than green, I did manage to find one more green than yellow!

So that’s how I got my celery. But how did I get an epiphany? Simple.

Choose your celery wisely! ("Green Green Like a Bean!")

Choose your celery wisely!
(“Green Green Like a Bean!”)

We all want the most of our purchases. For groceries, the biggest bunch, the nicest shape, better packaging, no tears, or browning leaves. For services, we want more time, more treatment more talking – because we always want more. We want a good deal.

Guess what? Most people looking for deals, and looking for best value for money spent get exactly what they want. However it lacks quality. Not all the time, but most times! When it comes to health and your health care, trying to get a “deal” may not be ideal. Remember, it IS your Health – the only thing you can really own!

Would you choose a smaller bunch of green celery, or a slightly bigger / heavier bunch of yellowish celery?

On occasion, I get asked why my appointments are “only 15 minutes”. People think it should be a lot more… like an hour.

Choose your care wisely.

Choose your care wisely.

The Quality of care is the only thing that determines the process of change, adaptation and healing. This process produces results. Adjusting the right area of dysfunction* with the right amount of force at the right time with the right intention is called quality care. Anything less than that is random guessing and wishful luck. It only takes as long as required. Some people need only 5 minutes. Some need 20, if we need to work on muscles, or other soft tissue restrictions.

Receiving quality care should be top priority 100% of the time. Not quantity.** Not how much time. Or how long you talk for.

A green celery stick is always better than a yellow one!

Dr Gary Tho, Doctor of Chiropractic

Note definitions:

*Dysfunction also known as a subluxation is a misalignment that lacks proper movement and function. This can occur in any joint in the body.

**Quantity should not be confused with frequency. Consistent frequent quality care produces the most effective results.



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