How severe is my back injury?

Whether you experience back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder ache, shooting pain in your arms or legs or had a fall, accident or sports injury, pain is a telltale sign something is wrong.

For some aches and pains, the pain is caused by a minor irritation, that is not severe, and heals with some rest and a visit or two to your chiropractor. Unfortunately most people who feel aches and pain, live with it for as long as they can, before seeking chiropractic care. Because of that, the injury / problem can progress, and become more deep-seated and severe.


Is it really THAT bad?

Is it really THAT bad?

Is my problem bad?

If you want to know how bad is your pain, ask yourself these questions:

1. How long have you had it for?

– Generally the longer it’s been painful, the longer it’s been building up and progressively getting worse.

– Acute injuries and sudden onset of pain can also indicate higher severity.


2. Do you know what caused it?

Yes– if it was an accident, injury or fall, the trauma was great enough to cause body injury that the body cannot heal itself.

No– then your pain is an accumulation of many of life’s stressors and lifestyle habits. When it accumulates to the point of pain, it’s well past the body’s breaking point.


3. Does it affect your daily activities?

– Anything that affects our ability to live ‘normally’ is a concern. There is no such thing as a normal “headache” or that “it’s normal to feel back pain”


4. Do you have proper general movement and specific joint movement?

Global (general) range of motion is important for everyday activities and more. Some people lose this normal movement. Turn your head all the way to one side, and then to the other. Was one direction easier or painful?


Specific (local) joint motion is very different and much more important. Having proper local joint motion stimulates the nerves, boosts circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients to the joint and surrounding soft tissues, and reduces pressure, stress and uneven loading of the bones, joints and ligaments. Simply put, good joint motion equals proper function and NO pain.


What ever your problem is, be it back pain, slipped disc, neck pain or headaches, PAIN is a clear indicator that there is something wrong. If it’s a small, mild ache or pain, it still pays to get it checked – WHY? because small pains can turn into nasty severe problems if neglected. Prevention and early intervention is always easier and more effective than last minute crisis care.

Chiropractors are specialists in checking and correcting problems with joint motion. Finding the joint dysfunction (bones and joints that are not moving properly) will help to alleviate many people’s aches and pains, whether the pain is due to injury, sitting too long, carrying heavy items and even pregnancy pains.


Ask Dr Gary about any general or specific questions you may have. Remember, as a reader of his blog, Dr Gary Tho offers all readers one NO obligation, Free Spinal Postural Assessment to check the integrity of your spine, and find areas of tension, stress and possible dysfunction and degeneration. Call 6733 4439 to have your spine checked today!


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