Holistic Health

There are many ways to help people recover from injuries, the common stiff neck, or the cough and flu. At ChiroWorks Family & Sports Clinic, we provide a unique Holistic Health approach. There are multiple factors involved in the healing process.
Many health care providers and practitioners only focus on the physical aspects, especially muscle tightness or weakness. Others may only look at chemical imbalances. And few look into psychological factors.
Our Holistic Approach to health and chiropractic care covers all angles.

Our Holistic Approach to health & chiropractic care      covers all angles.



At ChiroWorks, our chiropractors use a more holistic approach, that covers more than just these three areas. Because we see each of our patients not as parts that are in pain, dis-eased or injured, but as YOU (a whole functioning human being), we need to consider many other factors.

Here are our top 8: 

Find out how our multi-factoral holistic view on health can benefit you by scheduling your no-obligation consultation.
ChiroWorks Holistic Health Program

ChiroWorks Holistic Health Program, Dr Gary Tho

1. Physical  –  Chiropractic Adjustments focus on proper joint alignment, stability and muscle strength and activation. We will also assess how each muscle and joint works with neighboring areas, to make sure your whole body is working efficiently, without compensating and causing excess stress and strain or other areas, leading to “new” problems. 
2. Mental – We need to make sure you believe your body can recover. There are many different emotions, and thoughts that can affect your healing, as well as your perception of recovery. 
3. Connection – When we have pain, we tend to detach and distance ourselves from the problematic and painful area. This does not allow healing. Healing comes from within the body’s capacity, and connection is essential. Through proper assessment and delivery of precise touches (chiropractic adjustments) we start stimulating subconscious connection, which is followed by conscious awareness. This also improves activation and strengthening of muscles, especially useful during rehabilitation following surgery or sports injuries. 
4. Chemical – Nutrition is important. Many have heard the saying “You are what you eat”. And it is very true. Some foods trigger migraines and headaches in some people, as well as other allergic reactions. We will advise what foods to avoid, while you heal, as well as what to include in your diet to assist in healing and recovery. We also make sure that necessary vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients you are not receiving in whole foods, are substituted for. 
5. Physiological Therapeutics – Using the latest technology from Germany, USA and Canada, Chiropractic Works Family & Sports Centre provide additional solutions to assist with pain relief, reducing inflammation, activating muscles, relieving nerve irritation and decompressing the spine. We are also one of very few clinics to have a treatment bed especially crucial to recovery of disc bulge / protrusion (slipped disc) patients. 
6. Home care – We will always advise on specific home care protocols to follow. This will enhance your ability to recover, and speed up the recovery time. Don’t worry, they are easy to follow and do not take up much time!
7. Specific exercises (and rehabilitation to get back into sports) When your body is healing, it is important not to overload your body. Like a cut that is just starting to scab, over using that part of the body / skin, will just tear the fragile scab, leading to pain and bleeding, forcing the body to restart the healing process. However once we see improvements in the the body, we can safely provide specific exercises to help stabilize your body, and strengthen the area needed. These will include stretching, strengthening, balance and other activities. For athletes, amateur or professional, we also go through a full rehabilitation program to help get you back into sport just as strong as you were pre-injury. 
8. Lifestyle habits – One area of expertise is in Ergonomics. Simply put, we help to minimize strain on your body no matter what you are doing. We can assess, and advise on how to set up your office desk / workstation, maintain good ergonomics, proper posture when using tables and smart phones, best sleeping positions, posture when driving, or using machinery, lifting and carrying techniques and much more. We also advise on which pillows, chairs, back packs, supplements, and pain relief gels to use. 

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