Faster Pain Relief Now!

Is PAIN becoming a daily annoyance? Does PAIN keep on coming BACK?! It’s because your body is not able to heal properly.
Sometimes massage helps the body feel better, and gives the muscles an immediate sense of relief. However, most aches and pains is more than just a tight muscle, which is why in a day or two (sometimes only hours later) you feel the stiffness, aches and pains returning. Recurring back pain, neck pain and headaches are among the most common problems faced in Singapore. These health concerns affect more than just you and your daily life, but also affect how you interact with other people. For example, how well you can carry out your responsibilities and duties at work, as well as in your personal life being a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a friend or a son/daughter.
Back pain keeps coming back? Ask Dr Gary how to stop the cycle!

Back pain keeps coming back?
Ask Dr Gary how to stop the cycle!

Addressing the root cause of the problem is definitely the best place to start. Here are some areas to check:
1. Check if your joints are aligned. This allows proper movement, with ease and WITHOUT clicking and wearing out of the cartilage (or bone!), and irritating the nearby nerves and ligaments.
2. Correcting mobility in the joints is just as important. If your joints are stuck and locked, it does not matter how strong (or weak) your muscles are, they will always be working too hard, become fatigued and overstrained, giving you tense aching muscles.
3. Allowing proper nerve and muscle function is the final important part of healing. Muscles need to be activated, and work efficiently (most fall into one of two categories: OVER used, or NEVER used!) Nerves control your whole body by delivering vital message from the brain. The brain sends messages to the heart (to ask it to beat), to your stomach, and all parts of the body, including your muscles, so you can walk and move around. Making sure these nerves are not irritated will help not only pain, but also numbness, tingling, headaches and migraines, dizziness, radiating pain, referred pain, sciatica, and much more. There have been numerous cases of other health care benefits seen in my practice over the past 6 years, including improvements in people with stomach complaints (reflux, gastric, constipation), ear (ear infections), nose and sinus related problems, menstrual cycle symptoms, fertility concerns and much more. There is much research needed in this area, and although it is difficult to conduct large scale studies, there are many researches around the world looking for answers on how these miracles exist.
Need relief from Headaches?

Need relief from Headaches?

Addressing all of these areas will get you pain free, and keeping these corrected will allow your body to heal fully, strengthen and stabilize. With some maintenance, you can enjoy life without pain FOREVER!
Ask me how you can get FASTER PAIN RELIEF NOW, instead of just living with pain, having injuries reoccur again and again and constantly taking pain killers. We will go through a thorough consultation, before determining the best course of action for you, and guide you along the whole process of recovery.
You can easily make an appointment here and get back to living life pain FREE!

As I have said many times before,
“Now is the Best time to Feel Better, Heal Faster and get back to Enjoying Life!” – Dr Gary Tho

+Gary Tho

Life without pain is possible!

Life without pain is possible!


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