What the Health is Health?

Because of conveniences like escalators, travelators along with busy schedules, Singaporean residents are becoming less active. We may have heard about rising obesity levels in Singaporean residents, but do we take notice?
 Most working adults end up behind computers, laptops, and long lists of emails. Sitting at the desk , on trains, buses, dining tables, couches and toilets take up most of the day. Facebook, YouTube, movies, and crushing candies, along with sleeping take up the night. These are common yet unhealthy habits. The government is becoming weary of this. They have started to promote a healthier workplace, with a program called the Workplace Health Promotion (WHP), designed to decrease MC’s and improve employee health and satisfaction.
It is not just the adults. Obesity also affects our children. With the latest gadgets, smart phones and tablets, keeping kids occupied and quiet may be easy, but it comes with a price. – Not just the price tag on the device, but also the increasing reduction and for some, non-existent physical activity.
 Did you know 25% of all diagnosis made in polyclinics in 2012 were either diabetes or heart disease. More alarming, is that high levels of fats in the blood (eg cholesterol) accounted for 16% of all diagnoses made! Obesity increases the risk of all three of these diseases. If obesity is on the rise, heart problems, cholesterol problems and diabetes will become extremely common!
What happens next is your choice.

What happens next is your choice.

 I’ve noticed that some Singaporean Residents don’t care much for their health. Let me rephrase that; everyone says they want to be healthy, however, most are quite likely not making healthy choices putting in the effort.
 For example if something hurts, but they can still tolerate it, then it doesn’t matter. As long as they can still work, that’s good enough. They may just eat some easily bought over-the-counter pain medications or take some of their friends left over pills. They don’t want to spend the money and in general, not much effort is made. To these people, health is not wealth, its just expensive and too much time and effort. Unfortunately, when this happens, they live everyday with the same complaints of headaches, back pain, gastric, or fatigue.
Aches and Pains tell you something's wrong. Listen. Act. Now.

Aches and Pains tell you something’s wrong. Listen. Act. Now.

 Obesity, like many other medical conditions, is not just a lifestyle disease. It’s really a choice. It’s how we choose to live, and what habits we decide to change – or keep! If we start the process of change, we can realize that we regain our control of our health. We regain our lives, and we can easily overcome and take control many of our medical conditions.
 Just like exercise, it does take time to see results, and there’s no short cut for true health. It doesn’t come with the latest surgical technology, nor does it come in a form of a pill.
 However, there are many small adjustments we can make, to live a happier, healthier and active lifestyle.
 Here are 5 to start with:
  1. Add incidental physical activity into your day. For example: Use the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. Walk to the shops, or train station, instead of driving or taking the bus.
  2. Go for family picnics and outings in parks to play, rather than a trip to a restaurant or playing games on electronic devices
  3. Make sleeping habits consistent, and get enough rest. You’ll feel more energized than normal, even on a Monday!
  4. Eat a healthy snack before you shop. Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Hungry shoppers are more likely to buy high-calorie foods.
  5. Get your headaches, back pain or stiff neck checked out by a chiropractor-rather than popping anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants or painkillers so often.
Adjustments with Dr Gary Tho
Life Changing Adjustments
And if you want to learn more ideas, suggestions and find out best ways to get eliminate pain, why not invite me to your company for a Hands on Workshop! We can help create a healthy workplace program specific for your company including medical screenings, and fun activities like Zumba or bowling! And with a large subsidy from the government!! (Ask me how!)

So I ask again, What the Health is Health?

Health is Wealth.

How much Wealth, is up to YOU.

A final note, regardless of your weight, exercise. It’s a winning strategy to help you gain health.

+Gary Tho


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