Trekking in KL

“Don’t fret and don’t lose strength when things are going against you. Keep pressing because your capacity is not based on your ability, but based on your capability to continue and push forward…. Unfortunately the process of growth and being stretched can be painful. But expanding your capacity is required to accomplish your goals in life.”

 An excerpt (paraphrased) from the book Desire-will-capacity by Loretta E. Farr.

Helping Others Push their Limits! 

Very early this morning I had the opportunity to help SP Setia Group during their first training session for their Mount Kinabalu hike in September 2013. It is quite interesting that a company would offer such an exciting team-building trip for their staff, such as scaling a mountain, and more exciting was that there was an overwhelming response of willing participants of all ages and nationalities!

Morning Sky

Morning Sky

Heading off at 6:15am to arrive at Frim Taman Botani by 7am, I was preparing myself for the 4-5hr hike. With thanks to Leng (pictured below, hiding behind her arm!) and Tony (pictured below) for the invitation, I enjoyed a great morning walk! There were 6 other guides/assistants including myself.

Trekking Training Co-ordinators Tony & Leng

Trekking Training Co-ordinators Tony & Leng

Slowly but surely, we managed to group together all 67 members of the SP Setia team. After a short briefing, it was my turn to wake them up, warm them up, and prepare them for the next 4hr hike!

Dynamic Warm up

Dynamic Warm up

There were a few steep climbs, angling almost 50-60o mixed between the flat and undulating terrain over the course of the 4 hours. I spoke with many of the participants, and asked them why they decided to take the challenge of climbing Mt Kinabalu. The responses varied from “because it’s FOC… company is paying!” to “I always wanted to do it, and now’s the chance”, while others replied, “I want to challenge myself” and some using the climb as motivation, “to get fit again”. Whatever the reason, it was clear that everyone was determined. Determined to complete this first training trail, and determined to climb Mt Kinabalu.

And when the going got tough, they stopped, rested and pressed on again. Even the final few, who wandered an extra kilometer or so in the wrong direction were pushing themselves along, and advancing their capacity. They finished happily…. and I’m sure it’s not because they could finally go home!

Overall, the team did extremely well, with only 2 casualties who stopped early due to a mild ankle sprain, and fatigue. A handful of people joined in an impromptu stretch clinic I conducted half way through for those cramping up, having muscle aches, and limping with hip or knee pain!

Other than that, it was all smiles with fresh morning air, an overcast day perfect for trekking, nice views, a mix of terrain, and tasty packed lunch! (Courtesy of Aaron from Le’ Quay Patisserie – A home based outlet specializing in authentic French pastries and designer cakes of the finest quality.)

The Trek in 8 photos

The Trek in 8 photos

It was a exercise worth waking up for on a Saturday morning, with great people, and team building. It was my pleasure to have been a part of the training, and I wish all the SP Setia team the best in their training, pushing their own personal limits, and courageously conquering Mount Kinabalu. Hopefully see you all at the next training trek!
+Gary Tho


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