Help Heal Heel Pain. What the Health!


There’s been a number of people complaining that their feet hurt…. And it’s not due to long hours shopping. Most of the time it hurts first thing in the morning, or after being seated or rested for an extended period of time before standing up and walking.

Is it a heel spur?
There could be a heel spur, a bony outgrowth that protrudes into the sole of the foot. However, heel spurs don’t cause pain. So taking an X-ray and finding a heel spur doesn’t mean you will have pain. It also means you can have heel pain, without having a heel spur!

So what the health causes heel pain?
It’s something called the Plantar Fascia. When this fascia, (this soft muscle like tissue at the bottom of the foot) gets irritated and stressed out. It becomes inflamed and causes pain when we suddenly stand on it after it has been resting. Usually the pain disappears after walking for a few metres.

How to we help it heal?
Firstly, try putting ice/cold pack on the painful area. This is easily done by putting the covered ice pack on the floor, and putting your foot on top, for 10 minutes. Ice helps reduce the inflammation and irritation of the affected tissues, and allows your body to continue the healing process.

Next, while seated, place a golf ball under your affected foot, and gently yet firmly put pressure onto the golf ball. Slowly massage the sole of your foot, finding the most uncomfortable spots, with the aim of releasing the tension spots. Do this for around 5 minutes. Over doing it will bruise and irritate your foot, and you won’t even want to put weight on it at all! You can use the ice pack after doing this massage.

Thirdly, try stretching your calf muscles. If you would like more information on the best ways to stretch the calf muscle and achillies tendon, drop me an email, and I’ll send you some pictured instructions.

The fourth step to take, is to check your footwear. Use supportive, yet soft footwear- too soft and you will have problems, too hard and it will compress more! It is also wise to ask your chiropractor or health care professional about your feet. At ChiroWorks, we are trained to assess foot mechanics and gait (how you walk/run) and have the latest foot scanning technology to see if you may benefit from prescription pelvic stabilizers. -I will write more about this in another post, however, the bottom line is that your feet need to be stable, and the insole /shoe needs to allow your feet to work properly so that your pelvis (rest of your body) is balanced and strong.

Finally, getting checked by your chiropractor can help too. How? Ask the lovely lady whose first stop was our clinic, after arriving in Singapore from central Queensland, just an hour ago. She walked out of ChiroWorks Family and Sports clinic grinning from ear to ear because her foot was so much better! It was amazing to see how adjusting the foot, ankle, toes, and releasing the trigger points in the Plantar fascia, foot, calf and knee made so much difference! If you or your friend suffers from heel and foot pain, and would like to know more about relieving the pain and helping it heal, do call me on 67334439, make an appointment for an examination and consultation or drop me an email.
+Gary Tho


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