Patience? What the Health?

In today’s rat race, speed seems essential. Everything is urgent and requires our immediate attention. However not everything goes our way. Unexpected changes, delays and “life” happen. It may feel like everything is against you. Or that nothing works in your favor.

During these times, patience is the perfect remedy. Although it requires discipline and direct attention, it has many benefits. And you can get more things accomplished in this “down time” than you can ever imagine.

Patience to do list

I would like to share with you, my own action steps when trying times remind me to be patient.

1. Breathe deeply:

We don’t breathe properly most of the time. This causes more stress and tension in our body, because we don’t get enough oxygen to our brain and our hard-working body. Breathing has many health benefits, besides keeping us alive. They include increasing our ability to cope with stress, reducing muscle tension and improving concentration and decision-making.

2. Plan:

While waiting for circumstances to change, a taxi to arrive, or for someone who is late, we can use this time to plan. Planning may include to do lists, rehearsing an introduction or presentation, creating new ways to say something, making mental and physical notes of ideas for blogs, marketing promotions, dinner plans, or your puppy’s next hair style.

3. Relax:

Listen to music. Tune out. Or as my grade 3 teacher said, take a “brain drain”. There will always be times, when the most beneficial thing for you to do is nothing. In those times, life and /or your body are telling you to switch off, stop thinking and relax. I love music, and can easily get lost in music. Find what soothes and relaxes you, be it music, a book or daydreaming! Because after that, you will come back more refreshed, and ready to take over the world once again.

4. Write:

A blog post, a poem, a journal, or a twitter post. I have composed long poems, stories, health articles and blog posts on almost everything, from my (old) Nokia phone – in the SMS composer, to scrap paper, napkins, diary and more recently my LG smart phone, and iPad. Use your time to create memories, and express yourself – preferably write something others would like to read. The great thing I’ve heard about twitter is you can choose whom you follow; hence disengaging yourself with anyone who tweets negativity is simple. And if you are having a “bad” day, you can get a tweet from someone who is having a good day, writes something positive, and immediately lets you smile, relax and feel better. It may be wise to stop and rethink your next twitter post.

5. Call your mum:  

Or family members, or friends. Remember the old friend you randomly run into and said, “So good to see you again, call you/catch up soon”? Now is the perfect time to make good of your word. Didn’t speak to mum in a few weeks? Just call to check in and say hi! The person you called will be blessed with a friendly call, and you will feel happy and productive too.

With these 5 actions, there’s never a dull moment, a wasted opportunity, or lost time. Try one of these habits for yourself and leave a comment below. Tell me what you do, and works for you.

Dr Gary


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