Equilibras Gen 2!

The BEST casual footwear has recently arrived in Singapore! For our satisfied equilibras™ flip flop users, it’s time to get excited!

Introducing equilibrasGen2! 

Medical Flipflops, Happy Feet!

Medical Flipflops, Happy Feet!

We would like to thank you for your continued support for this footwear and delays in order times. The new and improved 2nd generation equilibras™ are now in full production!

equilibras™ Gen2 :

  •  Upgraded quality of materials throughout.
  • New straps are still high grade polyurethane but much softer and more comfortable.
  • Our feature equilibras™ in black with crystal straps.
  • We are planning to have a few coloured products (all with crystal straps) in the not too distant future.
  • We have now adopted new sizing – making it easier for you to measure and order accurately online! *
  • The new equilibras™ come with a 3 months replacement warranty on any manufacturing faults. **

Thank you again for your continued support. We greatly appreciate it and hope that you continue to enjoy the comfort, relief, and benefit of wearing equilibras™.

We are very excited about our new product, which we believe offers incredible value for the neurorthotic (medical) benefits. Please share this page, and share the wonders of equilibras™ to your friends and family!

Check out www.flipflops.asia for more details!

*Our current sizes are:

44/45 (29.5cm)

42/43 (28.2cm)

41/42 (27.6cm)

39/40 (26.2cm)

37/38 (24.9cm)

Note: measurements in cm are taken from heel (midline) to big toe (midline) on sole.

** Manufacturing faults to be inspected and approved before free replacement is issued.


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