“One step at a time”

One step at a time.

It does not matter how big or small your goal is. Did you create  a New Year’s Resolution? Want to move house? Or quit smoking? Advancing our life through change is the best thing we can do.

And even if it is NOT our choice, Change will always occur.

Progress becomes the biggest factor in determining whether you accomplish what you set out to achieve. So what ever your Mount Everest is, the big daunting task you need to change, accomplish or overcome, just go about it One step at a time.

As long as you keep making progress (in the right direction of course!) and know where you are headed (your goal) and have faith that you will make it, everything will find a way to happen perfectly for you.

There’s always uncertainty and hiccups along the way. Make peace with these things, breathe and accept what’s not in your control. Because there will also be valuable people that appear suddenly and things that miraculously fall into place. One way or another, the future will come. For now, trust in yourself, trust in life and let the future unfold One step at a time.


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