Dr Gary Tho, is a Doctor of Chiropractic from Melbourne, Australia. He is the owner and founder of Chiro Works Family & Sports Clinic located in Orchard, Singapore. Dr Gary has over 6 years of clinical experience in Australia and Singapore, helping everyone from babies, through to the elderly, and professional athletes. Dr Gary has been speaking and training for 5 years on health and wellness, posture, sports injury and performance, ergonomics and workplace assessments. He has also been on TV breakfast shows, live radio, and has been interviewed and contributed numerous articles to many newspapers, and magazines. Now it's even easier to make an appointment with Dr Gary!

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Headache solutions and Remedies

Faster Pain Relief Now!

Is PAIN becoming a daily annoyance? Does PAIN keep on coming BACK?! It’s because your body is not able to heal properly. Sometimes massage helps the body feel better, and gives the muscles an immediate sense of relief. However, most aches and pains is more than just a tight muscle, which is why in a […]

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Our Holistic Approach to health and chiropractic care covers all angles.

Holistic Health

There are many ways to help people recover from injuries, the common stiff neck, or the cough and flu. At ChiroWorks Family & Sports Clinic, we provide a unique Holistic Health approach. There are multiple factors involved in the healing process. Many health care providers and practitioners only focus on the physical aspects, especially muscle […]

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Caffeine from all sources have a compounding effect.

The third of 5 Worst (and dangerous) ways to Boost Sports Performance

Sports is a great way to get fit, feel great and lose weight. As you play, you would want to see improvement. It could be improvements in your game, or how you look – getting trim, losing the flab and growing those muscles. I’ve been writing the  5 worst ways to boost sports performance. I’m posting 1 […]

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